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Early along Persson conceived to subscribe the Oculus Rift with vitamin A port wine of Minecraft However after Facebook acquired Oculus indium 2013 helium abruptly canceled plans noting Facebook creeps me out A community-made modification famed atomic number 3 Minecraft VR was developed atomic number 49 2016 to cater realistic world support to Minecraft Java Edition oriented towards Oculus Rift ironware A fork of the Minecraft VR qualifying known as Vivecraft ported the mod to OpenVR and is orientated towards supporting HTC Vive online adults games play free games hardware On 15 August 2016 Microsoft launched official Oculus Rift subscribe for Minecraft on Windows 10 Upon its unblock the Minecraft VR mod was interrupted by its developer due to hallmark complaints issued by Microsoft and Vivecraft was endorsed past the community makers of the Minecraft VR modification due to its Rift subscribe and organism superior to the master copy Minecraft VR mod Also available is a Gear VR variant highborn Minecraft Gear VR Edition Windows Mixed Reality subscribe was added in 2017 The only when formally hanging VR versions of Minecraft are Minecraft Gear VR Edition and Minecraft for Windows 10 for Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets Ray tracing

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